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New alternative funding program (Employee Retention Credit-ERC) for business owners and entrepreneurs impacted by the Pandemic. Program Highlights: · Up to $26,000 Per Employee (Get up to a 7 Figure check from the IRS) · Part of the CARES ACT (You will be paid by the IRS not the SBA) · Qualify with decreased revenue or Any Covid event (i.e was closed for 1 day) · No limit on funding (ERC is not a loan) · IRS will mail a check (You do not need to pay this back) Qualification requirement: · Minimum 1 W2 employee · In business before March. 2021 Click Here https://ercmybiz.com/ to learn more about this program To unsubscribe send the word unsubscribe to [email protected]

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Hello. It is with sad regret to inform you LeadsTree.org is shutting down this week. We have made all our dataabses available at a one-time fee. LeadsTree.org

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