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Hey Do you remember the "Humatars"!? You know, the real-human spokespersons that say what you type! Todd & team first released them as a part of Human Synthesys Studio and they took the Internet by storm. Now they’re back, better than ever before – and in a totally different way – and it’s called TalkingFaces... What’s different? ������ Imagine being able to change their facial appearance – yes change how a real human looks (with refacing technology)... ������ Imagine being able to overlay them on virtually any web page you want, to boost engagement and conversions… ������ Imagine still being able to simply type and have a real human saying exactly what you want… ������ ALL of that and so much more can be done in this brand-new spokesperson creation software… ������ It’s something you must see to believe… Watch Demo Video >>> https://bit.ly/talkingfc TalkingFaces is also loaded with calls-to-action features as well. With your overlays you can add an opt-in form, buttons, countdown timers and more… And never worry about videos not auto-playing on certain browsers! With TalkingFaces you can select “auto-play” gestures to lure traffic to take action just like “Vanessa” does below… TalkingFaces does it all… - Maximum flexibility in what real humans say - For the first time, change how real humans look - Powerful calls-to-action - On virtually any website you want! - And more… Plus, right now, it’s available at a MAJOR Early Bird discount because it was just opened to the public today. You’ll be hard pressed to get software like this, at a price this low ever again… Cheers Tom D 88 Henry Street, TX 94753 ============ Click here to unsubscribe https://bit.ly/stop69

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